How to setup VPN-connections in Windows

VPN (Virtual Private Network) - way to establish secured channel to your corporate network and work from anywhere exactly as from office. For setting up connection, follow steps below:


1.  Open Control Panel



2. Choose Network & Sharing Center



3. Then, press Setup a new connection or network



4. Push button Connect to a workspace



5. If you has been set any VPN-connections in the past, you'd see appropriate window. In this case, choose No, create a new connection and go to the next step



6. Choose Use my internet connection



7. Then, in field Internet Address fill server's name or IP-address, in Destination Name's field you can type any name (for example, Office)



8. The next step - entering your User Name and Password.

You can avoid necessity to enter your credentials next time if check Save this username and password point.



9. Push Connect button and wait until connection is established.

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